Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Scrolling ViewStack Contents

I ran into an interesting issue with a Flex app today as I couldn't constrain the contents of a viewstack properly. I ultimately wanted a scrollbar to appear if it's contents were larger than what the parent would allow. To enable this properly, the children all had height of 100%, the viewstack had a height of 100%, and the key setting was to give a minHeight of 50 or something small to the viewstack itself.

I also tried using resizeToContent which is great, but it still wouldn't allow the viewstack to get very short until I put the minHeight in.

Friday, July 02, 2010

LiveCycle Workbench ES Component Development Tool on Helios

The new LiveCycle Workbench ES Component Development Tool for creating DSC's works just fine with the Eclipse Helios (3.6) for Java EE Developers edition. If you start with Helios you can skip past the requirements for EMF, GEF, and WTP and simply install the archive that you can download from Adobe Labs.

It's a nice tool to get you started with component development.

Crossdomain for LiveCycle

I've been asked this question numerous times so I figured I would post it here. When you need to deploy a crossdomain.xml file for a LiveCycle install running JBoss, you'll have to dump it in the following location: