Friday, September 24, 2010

SA_DS Datasource for Solution Accelerators

The documentation for the LiveCycle SA's don't specify anything other than creating the SA_DS data source when using WebSphere for WebLogic. This data source name has already been added to the common building block and will automatically 'pickup' when LiveCycle is restarted. Here's the error message that you'll see if it hasn't been created.

[9/23/10 15:27:02:565 EDT] 000000aa RegisteredRes E WTRN0062E: An illegal attempt to use multiple resources that have only one-phase capability has occurred within a global transaction.
[9/23/10 15:27:02:573 EDT] 000000aa LocalTransact E J2CA0030E: Method enlist caught Illegal attempt to enlist multiple 1PC XAResources at

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Eligibility Expressions in SNC

One of the pieces of functionality that's called out in the Selection and Capture Building Block for Adobe LiveCycle is that you can leverage processes to perform the eligibility expression. Normally eligibility expressions are done using a jspl syntax such as ${(state=='CA')} but obviously this can only be so robust. Here's an example of the EligibilityExpressionTO that you'll need to define in your beans.xml:
<bean class="" id="someId">
<property name="expressionType" value="LCService"/>
<property name="operationName" value="invoke"/>
<property name="serviceName" value="YourProcessName"/>
<property name="name" value="someName"/>