Thursday, January 08, 2009

Configuring a livecycle workspace process / task for all users

We created a flex application that we in turn wanted to load up within the Adobe Livecycle Workspace ES (8.2). When originally deployed, only the super administrator was able to view it, but no other workspace enabled users. Here are the steps to configure your task properly.
  • Log into the Adobe LiveCycle Administration Console
  • Click on Services
  • Click on Applications and Services
  • Click on Service Management
  • Find and click on your applicable service
  • Click the security tab
  • Click on "Add Principal"
  • Click on "All Principals", or the user(s) / group(s) in question
  • Select the "INVOKE_PERM" permission
  • Make sure to save your changes
If the user in question can't login to workspace at all, make sure they have the "LiveCycle Workspace User" role assigned to them.

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