Friday, February 20, 2015

AEM6 with MongoDB links

Setting up AEM with Mongo
AEM6 + Mongo Minimal Setup

Getting AEM6.0 to work with MongoDB

How to Set Up Clustering In CQ/AEM 6 using MongoDB

Starting AEM 6.0 with MongoDB

Mongo Performance
Jackrabbit Oak 1.0.1 benchmarks, EC2 m3.large analysis of the stats show the following:
 - Oak-Mongo is 18% slower across the board than Jackrabbit
 - Oak-Tar is 3.26 times faster than Jackrabbit
When you look at simply read operations (no writes involved):
 - Oak-Mongo is 2% faster than Jackrabbit
 - Oak-Tar is 1.8 times faster than Jackrabbit
 - Oak-Mongo is 43% slower than Jackrabbit

General info about AEM6
New Repository in AEM 6
Useful MongoDB Commands for AEM 6

Helpful articles if you're new to MongoDB
SQL to MongoDB Mapping Chart

FAQ: Sharding with MongoDB

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