Tuesday, November 28, 2006

ColdFusion Hosting at HostMySite.com

I recently launched a new site that's being hosted on HostMySite.com. It's been quite some time since I've had a site that wasn't hosted in house and have to admit that using HostMySite was painless.

Model-Glue works with their setup out of the box, and they were extremely helpful as we got things setup for the first time. You have to love 24*7 tech support that's actually 'with it'.

My only complaint is that I didn't have access to restore or backup my database, so I had to rely on DTS, although they can do these things for you if you request it. I imagine this is an issue with most shared hosts as SQL Server security surrounding restore and backups isn't easy to hand out to everyone.


  1. I have HostMySite and I love it. So far, I have only used it on developing one site (Twinlakeshome.com). The only advantage to backing up data on my end is that I use MySQL as my database. I use to be a diehard MSSQL user until the speed of MySQL opened my eyes. If you use a front-end such as Navicat or even just the MySQL Query browser, you can easily back up your database in seconds.

  2. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Hi! I have HostMySite as well and love it. I'm trying to use Model-Glue though and am finding it's not working out of the box as mentioned. I've used it many times so I do know how to configure it for a new application each time. I've spoken to HMS reps regarding this and a couple reps I spoke to sounded like they didn't even have it directly installed the way they have a couple other frameworks installed.

    Is there anything I need to specifically to other than what I normally do to set up a new app? I don't get basic "component not found" type errors, I get weird security errors. Setting a mapping in Application.cfc doesn't seem to work (even though it does work fine for other site-related mappings and custom tags, so I know those lines of code are otherwise working). And setting up a mapping through the control panel will append my customer number to the mapping so that won't really work with Model Glue either.

    I appreciate any suggestions!!

    Thank you!!
    - Tony

  3. They will remove your customer number from a mapping as long as it's not going to interfere with any other mappings on that server. What type of security errors, have you visited any forums to help track down what's causing the security errors?

  4. Anonymous2:01 AM


    Actually this is now resolved. Basically 2 things needed to happen: 1) I needed to have Model-Glue and ColdSpring core file directories at the root of my site (which I had already done) and 2) HostMySite support updated the CF sandbox permissions for my account. Once they did that, all worked just fine without the need for any special mappings. Updating the sandbox permissions was something that needed to be specifically requested.

    But all is working just fine now.



  5. We have using Coldfusion Hosting from efree2net.com more than 5 years. Their services are great. They support Coldfusion 8 with sandbox security. High rate from us.